The Power of Ritual

Lives are transformed by the power of prayer and ritual ~ applying meaningful intentions and symbols to our experience, we can design ways to explain and reshape the World around us.  As in all the Arts, there is a divine path for those who choose to seek their individual passions; these individuals are often rewarded for prolonged intrigue and obsession, creative ways of manifesting proximity to ‘the beloved’.

The World we all live in today is confusing; we can feel alienated, and yet saturated with connectivity.  The continuum of apathy to empathy is exhausting and can leave us restless and afraid; afraid for the World at large and for our intimates at hand.  Ritual, like tradition, cultivates awareness and memory… it can remind us who we want to be vs who others expect us to be, it can stimulate the art of manifestation (Laws of Attraction), and it can build hope within circles of people for a greater love, future or over all ending.

The abundance of apathy, and scarcity of empathy and mercy only lend to the greater need to heal Humanity.   In our earlier history, ritual defined our purpose and infused us with ‘being’, just being was sacred.  In today’s spiritual environment, we are profane and devoid ~ we observe these activities as trivial and ignore the magical bits for a more predictable and calculated experience.  We appear more often than not to negotiate our ‘spiritual’ wants and hoped for outcomes, rather than build them and experience the innocence of magic without expectation ~ Just Retribution.  To return to this place of observance and sacredness,  is to allow ourselves to create our own individual traditions, celebrating our unique life, so that we ourselves will remember our way, recognize ourselves,  as well as be able to help others find their own paths to authenticity.

Who do we compare ourselves to?  Is there such a thing as competition? If so, do we compete against others or ourselves?  What limitations have we created and are they cleverly disguised within our gifts?  Who defines your success?  What makes you want to fit-in when you can stand-out?   What gives your life meaning?  How do you document the chapters and stories in your life:  do you journal, get tattoos, sing songs?  Who has the bottom-line on you?

… Sometimes it is more important to raise the question, than to answer it.

Blessed Be!

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