The Moon is my Omen…

The Moon is my Omen.
The Sun my faith.
Through the cracks in the darkness ~ my light breaks.
~ Divined by the most auspicious and beautiful Emylyn Gwyneth Northrup

Blessings be upon you this Full Moon (belated) in Scorpio! So many amazing epiphanies and challenges presented themselves and the grand culling began. What was lost in the fires? What remains? Were you forced out of your shell, propelled into awkward arrangements and unions with no warning? Were you thrust from events or scenes and left wondering? How many ghosted-out in fear of the shadow?

It was in a personal conversation with someone recently wherein a great revelation came to me ~ and I would like to share it as it is the cornerstone of what I feel this Full Moon message contains. The comment that jarred me was “I just can’t comprehend this kind of darkness”. Immediately my mind went wild with rampant information and retort to this amazing admission; but none the less it has taken time and others who were given the same message this week, to confirm the golden kernel within the whole of it.

Who’s afraid of the shadow? The darkness? The hidden? The Occult? Most people, in truth; but not all. What is the shadow, what is darkness? As an artist, it is basic Art 101 to learn of the actuality of color, light and shadow. Which is the absence of all color ~ white or black? Which is the fulfillment of all color ~ white or black?

There is actually much debate on this. Here’s why…
Are black and white colors based on light, molecular coloring agents and pigments, or vision and reflection? Additive Color Theory states that the sum of all colors of light, create white. The absence of color, creates black. Example: You cannot see the colors in Sunlight, save for when conditions are met that allow (rainbow) for the light to be bent and the prism of colors within is viewed. Another example would be entering a dark room, there is black until you turn on a light.

A second theory is based on molecular coloring agents and pigments. If black is the absence of color ~ what exactly is in a tube of Golden’s black paint? It is a mixture of primary colors, and any chemist will tell you that black is a color because we use these colors to create black. It is said white is the absence of color, you cannot add primary colors to create white ~ try it if you don’t believe me. Here’s the ‘grey area’… in terms of ‘pigment chemistry’, white would still be a color. What does it take to make a tube of Golden’s white? A lot of chalk and bone and things such as Titanium and Zinc. So there’s the rub… who has the bottom line? And we haven’t discussed the third theory based on vision and reflection!

When perceiving color there are three aspects to consider: The medium, the sender and the receiver. The medium being the color itself, be it tangible, by light or otherwise. The sender refers to how it is transmitted to the receiver. The receiver is the human being, how color is received by the human eye. Molecular coloring agents determine the color of tangible objects, to begin with. The apple has pigments and molecular coloring (the medium). We see the color, because the object itself reflects the color to our eye. What about when considering light? Are black and white colors when considering light? A black body is the perfect ‘absorber’ of light, according to physics. A black object may appear black despite it is technically reflecting light. If black pigment results from several combined pigments, if the appropriate proportions are mixed to create ‘black’ there will be a resulting reflection of those pigments. So again, is black a color?

Let’s reign this in ~ are you confused? What does this have to do with Full Moon? What this have to do with this Summer, Henna body-art or anything!? (((Patience, Grasshopper… patience)))

Ask yourself this ~ can you see anything when submerged in bright white light? Have you spent a morning in North Africa or Greece where the homes and buildings are painted white and experienced a sunny morning there? Try it, you will be blinded. There is no light, without darkness, period. I’m going to take that a step further and say Do Not even speak of light or love ~ if you fear the shadow and darkness, you’ll be mired in it and have no inkling. Darkness is the unknown ~ are you afraid of the unknown person inside you, or others? Why? Does that mean you fear the darkness ~ or in effect, the light? If one fears the light ~ they will beg for hell? Maybe that explains a collective human condition to negate ones’ self-worth and potential? Isn’t it better to just face our fears? Do you know why you came to read this sentence, why you are here and what brought you?

When confronting our desire to be, or not-to-be, we often find ourselves negating ourselves and holding our dreams and aspirations hostage ~ by virtue of fear, darkness, the unknown, the void. In reality we know that distancing ourselves from our fears will usher us closer. Think about owing a ‘friend’ money they loaned you and you’re not quite able to ‘make it right’. Do you take responsibility and face the light and the music? Or do you evade emails, phone calls and inquiry, running cowardly from the shadow in paranoia that every car you pass is your creditor, or every phone call, and then despite all your efforts end-up running into them in the most awkward way that makes you ‘beg for hell’ vs the walk of shame in happenstance? (Laws of Attraction et al).

Obviously, most of us know to face our fears, in theory, is the most sage way to proceed in such circumstances; however, in reality that isn’t quite how things go, in so many cases, sadly. So you have fear learning a new art? Traveling to a new place and staying more than two weeks? Learning a new language? Quitting a job? Does that resonate? Then will avoiding it bring you closer to the ‘beloved’ desire and how? Or will studying that dark curiosity, that looming urge to want to be something YOU ARE NOT, bring you a new appreciation and dedication to practice and trial? Will you become a skydiver without bailing from a single-engine airplane first? Ask yourself this: Do you regret what things you have done already? Or moreso the things you have yet to do and fear you never will or can?

Know this, and dig-deep… Scorpio loves to investigate and dig deeper into the depths. Scorpio also resides in a fixed water element, therefore it is shaped by it’s container and yet has the most powerful ability to erode and dissolve all that is impure, over time.

The shadow is where the light is. What can you speak of ‘light’ and love for that matter, if you know nothing of the darkness and shadow? Don’t allow fear to hinder you from facing your darkest thoughts, there could be a blessed gift within them that required your injured ego or heart to be born.

If it scares you and gnaws at you, by all means ~ don’t ignore that feeling, it won’t ignore you.

Set our intentions now not later, that is how you honor the Fates, set your intention to meet them at the crossroads, to listen to their giddy ideas and entertain them, take-action. With the ‘Fates’ you must grab them as you see them, not as they are nearing closer and you feel more comfortable in the lesser effort ~ that will never suffice, as it truly offends. Have you witnessed the woeful results of those who ignored the Fates? This isn’t a ‘dress rehearsal’, folks; and love is action… take your first steps now.

Blessed be your Full Moon in Scorpio ~ may you investigate thoroughly all the interests that pique your heart even if it brings palpable pain and deep wounds, and especially if you have nagging questions. Follow your Guides’ whispered aspirations and feed them your admiration, shower them with your practice and reverence. Your dreams are actually waiting for you, they are patiently waiting in the shadow for you to shine a light on them… so they can reveal your gifts to this World.

Be blessed and be awakened!

~ the Henna Djinn

(((If you have been wishing you could become a henna artist ~ this applies to you))) Aho!

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