Class Descriptions

The Sacred Blend I

A focused look at several basic and complex recipes ~ and understanding when and why to use them. Creating the perfect, personalized Henna mix!
And of course YOU will be making Henna ~ in all its sticky, staining glory, you will be in the mix (literally and figuratively:)

The Sacred Blend II

Timing is everything! Learn there is a sweet-spot to every batch. What is the intention? What nurtures your Soul this Spring? This Summer? Who will you adorn and why? Explore ways to divine personal meaning to each batch you blend and learn what women have known for ages ~ Henna is Magic!

Jagua: The Amazonian Body Art Ritual

Embark on a journey into the tropical rainforest and discover the hidden secrets of the jagua fruit, a skin staining fruit used by indigenous tribes for thousands of years. Learn methods of skin application used by professionals and its mystical origins in the jungle, along with modern magic used with the jagua fruit.

Marks of Mysticism

Learn how modern day mystics use Henna and jagua in ritual and healing practices. Explore the profound powers of the sacred symbols and ingredients used in these practices for manifesting positive changes.

Native American Design and Fusion

Here we will focus on the importance and value of art in North, Central and South American cultures. We will explore the vast historical background and how to incorporate these cultural motifs into Henna and Jagua patterns.

Circle 8

Working in circles! Let's look at the historical demonstrations of how Mandalas and circular inspired designs have influenced Henna and body art throughout the Ancient World. Witness the rumored magic behind the simple circle and why it is honored by artists throughout time.

The Perfect Circle

Inspired by the Flamenco dancer's Manton (shawl), the 3/4 circular veil was created by Jayna's Bellydancing mom, Marta Schill, in the 1970's.
Unlike the typical rectangular veils, these props wrap around the dancer like a tornado, creating a gorgeous frame around the body!
*Veils will be available to borrow and for purchase at class