Facts & Questions

This is a DRY and SOBER event.

The Isis Oasis Sanctuary is residence to many exotic animals and our event is focused on learning and fun ~ but for all ages and safely.  We request that you honor this and not bring alcohol or illegal drugs on premises.  Blessed be!

Camping & Lodging

Camping is so much fun at Isis ~ it really is!  But, if you want a treat, we are offering their amazing rooms and some private cabins and hobbit houses at a ridiculous price and it would behoove some to not take advantage!  This will be strictly first-come-first-served and when you register for a room, you will be given your choice.  While each residence is amazing ~ some are truly one of a kind, so registering early does have its advantages!


Geyserville, while quaint and inviting, doesn't host too many options for cheap/fresh eats.  It does cater very nicely to fine-dining, and offers several rather delightful restaurants if you want to indulge while in town.  On the other end of the continuum, there are a couple convenience stores.. and that is about it!  There really isn't anything in the middle; which is why we highly suggest you consider the food option when registering.  


There are showers, restrooms and parking all available for your convenience.  Isis also hosts a heated pool and hot-tub, with adjoining sauna.  So a swimsuit might be a good thing to pack-in your suitcase.

Professsional Photographer ~ Costumes Welcomed!

Bring costumes!  V from Shutter Pandemonium will be with us throughout the weekend taking photos in her very unique way and capturing our gathering and progress. Isis Oasis is one of the most stunning locations for a visit, so bring costumes and goddess gear ~ and why not!?  


Our menu will be feature vegetarian and meat options; and we will publish a full menu as the date of the event nears.  Feel free to mention any concerns or questions/suggestions about the menu in your registration inquiry.

Information Updates

Follow us on social media and here to find regular updates and added pertinent information.  Thank you for your interest ~ this event is only possibly due to your interest and helping us spread the word!

Isis Oasis Map