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The Sugar Magnolia Artisan Delights

Changing the dessert paradigm, one bite at a time.

Do you remember being a kid and scrambling out to catch the ice cream truck? We love the tastes, sounds and smiles of summertime and decided that there was only one thing to improve upon... the treats !

Sugar Magnolia is proud to offer a joyful, healthier alternative for fun spontaneous treats. We make the freshest, local, groovy, healthy treats - mouth watering fruit packed popsicles and shaved ice, frozen organic bananas dipped in dark chocolate, artisan refreshments, plus organic handmade baked goods.

We consciously source products to support the local organic farmers and economy, and work from a model of sustainability and integrity toward a happier and better world - starting in our local community.

Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey has served the Goddess in Sebastopol for twenty years.

Our store is filled with spiritual and intentional gifts that support your path towards healing, wholeness, and delight. We bask in the pleasure of keeping the Goddess alive! There is great power and magic in honoring the feminine Divine in all of us.

We invite you to come and explore our store in person or peruse the pages of our ever changing online shop. Whether you are looking for that perfect piece of jewelry to celebrate a unique rite of passage, a beautiful hand crafted gift for a loved one, or special magical supplies for your own sacred space; Milk & Honey has all of these treasures waiting for you.

Birth death and other fairytales - DeAnn DuTeil

DeAnn DuTeil

I've always tended towards the creative. I've never studied art unless you count going to mom's summer craft classes, a couple classes in high school or dance classes starting @ age 3 (yes, my idea) followed by a 20 year professional dance career.

Fast-forward to 2011 when my father died, relationship ended, and menopause took off like a rodeo bull out of the starting shoot, all within 5 months. All three events affected me profoundly. A lot was ending and beginning at the same time. There were experiences from both ends of the spectrum that I have no words for.

I found so much of who I'd thought I was dying as something unknown began to show itself.

The pieces from this period are an organic expression of this journey. I've found that they used me to become manifest, and in so doing, taught me a new way of moving in life--one that listens and lets life speak through me. Some pieces, therefore, took many months to complete and others arrived in an evening. It has been a joy and a gift to be used in this way.

Please note: All elements of the artwork were ethically obtained..
The amazing beauty of nature continues to inspire me.

Hathor's Milk

Bird Goddess Creations